Hydrex HLP

Hydrex HLP
Hydrex HLP
Product Description

Hydrex HLP series Oils are premium quality, extra heavy- duty anti-wear hydraulic oils designed for mobile and stationery High pressure systems. These oils are made from highly refined Group II base oils and high performance additive packages for very good performance in the field. The high quality base oils provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability thereby increasing oil life remarkably. These base oils have inherently high Viscosity index and are therefor highly suitable for operations where wide temperature fluctuations may be encountered. The premium bearing characteristics and very good demulsibility. these oils are currently available in viscosity grades of 10,32,46 and 68. Hydrex HLP 68 is used extensively for screw lubrication as well.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Low Compressibility, Volatility and foaming tendency.
  • Good temp. characteristics for wide operating temperatures.
  • Excellent demulsibility and hydrolytic stability.
  • Good thermal capacity and conductivity.
  • Outstanding Anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-rust characteristics.
  • very low pour point which will enable its use over wide temperature range.            

Performance Standards:

    It Meet the requirements of German standard DIN:51524 Part II (HLP Type), Hagglunds Denison HF-0 filterability requirement, Vickers I-286-S and M-2950-S. tests as well as U.S. Steel 127 specifications.


These oil are recommended for high pressure hydraulic systems using vane, piston or gear pumps on mobile and stationary equipment used in industrial construction, Agriculture and Mining.

Hydrex HLP oils are also suitable for enclosed gears operating under medium to high load conditions as wellas industrial circulating systems where rust and oxidation inhibited oils are recommended.

Typical Physical Characteristics:

 Characteristics 32 HLP
 46 HLP
 68 HLP
 Viscosity at 40oC, cST
 28-36 42-50 62-72
 Viscosity Index
 114 115 115
 Pour Point,oC
 (-) 18
 (-) 18 (-) 18
 Foaming Tendency
 Pass Pass Pass
 Rust Prevention Charact.
 Pass Pass Pass
 Flash Point, COC,oC 190 190 210
 Air Release Value
 10min  10min  10min

Packing: 210ltr, 50ltr, 26ltr, 20ltr, 10ltr, 5ltr.

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